How to Avoid Calcium Buildup in Arteries Preventing Arterial Calcium Deposits Stop Calcium Accumulation in Blood Vessels Ways to Inhibit Calcium in Your Arteries Combat Calcium Plaque in Arteries Tips to Ward Off Calcium in Arterial Walls Strategies to Halt Calcium Buildup in Blood Vessels Natural Methods to Prevent Artery Calcification Effective Techniques to Keep Arteries Free from Calcium Safeguard Your Arteries Against Calcium Deposits

Our Products Are Shown To Support Plaque Free Arteries*

No harsh or damaging drugs. All natural proteolytic enzymes shown to dissolve the fibrin in plaques and unique vitamin blends from nature shown to assist in the proper distribution of calcium in the body.

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Money Back Guarantee

Money back guaranteed to get results. Follow our supplement protocol for six months and if there is not an improvement in your Coronary Artery Calcium Score, or a reduction in the size of arterial plaques shown on an angiogram we will refund the cost of the supplements for the entire six months.**

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    Transforming My Health: The Journey to a Zero Calcium Score
    Discover the inspiring journey of reversing my coronary artery calcium score to zero.

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  • A Physician’s Perspective

    Dr. James Mahoney, a board certified Osteopathic physician, and recognized leader in the fields of Regenerative Medicine provides a fascinating overview of the Heartstrong Nutraceuticals protocol by including his own remarkable results utilizing Heartstrong's protocol and supplements.

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  • My Test Results

    The test below is the initial coronary artery calcium scan score, which was 56.2 that ranked me slightly worse then the average male in that age group.

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  • What Is Arteriosclerosis?

    A video of my thoughts and opinions on arteriosclerosis.

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  • Heartstrong Overview

    A concise overview of the patent pending Heartstrong protocol, that is designed to support your body dissolving unwanted plaques.

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  • The Protocol

    Explanation of the simple steps of the Heartstrong protocol

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  • Good news!! My cardiologist just did a heart catheterization and told me I have ZERO plaque buildup. Heartstrong works!!!

    Rick Williams

  • I broke down in tears. I got my test results back and it showed that all my arterial blockages had dissappeared. Thank you!


  • I'm blown away. I can feel myself getting healthier. I just finished a four mile walk. I haven't been able to do that in years.


  • It's a miracle!!! I dropped my Coronary Artery Calcium score from 800 to 200 in just twelve months.


  • Really important find. I am now stocking this at my practice.

    Dr. D

  • When I started the Heartstrong protocol 10 months ago I had a Coronary Artery Calcium score of 380.  Today,  just ten months later,  I took the test again and my results came back at 176. I had the two cardiologists at the imaging center ask me what I was doing as they had never seen a drop like this.  Well, looks like I’ll be on your products for life.  Thanks.

    🙏🏼 Ray G Arizona

  • The strength of Heatstrong has been proven to me over and over as I consult with my client's cardiovascular issues.  The Menlascan technology that I use to track their cardio risk factors has shown proven result. The numbers are there as they return to normal ranges. To be able to suggest that Heartstrong reduces to eliminates the hard and soft plaque in their arteries is profound. After what I have seen, I would not think of going without this product.

    Susan B. Schmidt, MLS, CPT

** Money Back Guarantee
Follow the Heartstrong Nutraceuticals supplement protocol for six (6) months and if you do not see a reduction in your Coronary Artery Calcium Score or a reduction in arterial plaque size as revealed by angiogram we will refund you the entire six (6) month cost of your supplements. This guarantee covers customers who:
1. Take two (2) Heartstrong Enzyme Blend capsules daily according to label instructions.
2. Take two (2) Heartstrong Vitamin D3 & K2 capsules daily according to label instructions. Initial baseline tests need to be conducted within sixty(60) days of starting the Heartstrong protocol.