Podcast about Heartstrong Nutraceuticals - Protocol for cardiovascular health

Mike Woods, a veteran of over three decades in the nutritional supplement industry, has consistently championed the use of pure, organic ingredients over synthetic alternatives. His personal genetic predisposition placed him at a significantly elevated risk for cardiovascular diseases compared to the general population.

Despite adhering to a stringent health regimen for thirty years, which included abstaining from tobacco and alcohol, engaging in regular, intense exercise five times a week, and maintaining a nutritious diet supplemented with organic plant extracts, omega-3 fish oils, co-enzyme Q10, niacin, and other natural supplements, Mike was diagnosed with advanced coronary artery disease.

This diagnosis propelled him into a dedicated search for natural substances capable of dissolving arterial plaque. He delved deeply into research and eventually devised an innovative treatment plan aimed at reversing his heart disease. Remarkably, after two years of following this regimen, comprehensive cardiovascular examinations showed that he had successfully eradicated his arterial plaques. Mike is now passionately committed to spreading awareness about this transformative health protocol globally.

In this podcast episode, Mike recounts his journey of dealing with cardiovascular issues and how it led him to discover specific enzymes - nattokinase and serrapeptase - that play a crucial role in plaque removal. He discusses the effectiveness of his supplement regimen in saving lives and improving health.



Episode Timestamps:

  • 0:00: Introduction
  • 2:50: Exploring Mike's extensive background in the supplement industry
  • 5:40: Discussion on advanced methods of cardiovascular testing
  • 7:00: Introduction to key enzymes nattokinase, serrapeptase, and vitamin K2
  • 9:00: Insights into the results observed post-supplementation
  • 15:16: Understanding how arterial plaques develop
  • 25:17: Simplifying the protocol for cardiovascular health
  • 36:59: Mike's perspectives on the current state of healthcare systems