• Arteriosclerosis

      “A 36.6% Reduction In The Size Of Carotid Plaque In 26 Weeks.” 1

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  • Serrapeptase and nattokinase could be considered as an excellent addition to Alzheimer’s disease prevention programs 2

  • Enzyme One

    Serrapeptase - all natural enzyme one of the protocol

    “Serrapeptase is extremely useful in keeping arterial deposits from building up” 3

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  • Enzyme Two

    Nattokinase - all natural enzyme two of the protocol

    “In all my years of research as a professor of cardiovascular and pulmonary medicine, natto and nattokinase represents the most exciting new development in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular related diseases” 4

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  • “Vitamin K promotes arterial flexibility by preventing accumulation of arterial calcium” 3

  • The Vitamins

    Vitamins D3 and K2 - the two vitamins that make up the protocol

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  • The Protocol

    A very simple patent pending two part system

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  • A Physician’s Perspective

    Dr. James Mahoney, a board certified Osteopathic physician, and recognized leader in the fields of Regenerative Medicine provides a fascinating overview of the Heartstrong Nutraceuticals protocol by including his own remarkable results utilizing Heartstrong's protocol and supplements.

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